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Part Identification

identify friction discs Identifying Oil Immersed Discs
Ideally we would request the Original Equipment Part Number. If you cannot supply this please give as much of the following information as possible:

Maximum Outside Diameter including any teeth or lugs. Minimum Inside Diameter including any teeth or lugs. Number of teeth or Lugs. Whether teeth or lugs on Inside Diameter or Outside Diameter. Overall thickness. Friction Plate or Steel Mating Plate. Number of plates required.

Please either call or email us with your dimensions or use our new plate identification tool below...

plate identification - instructions (if using phone, please rotate screen)

1. Using the first slider, select the number of teeth on your plate
2. Using the second slider, select the type of tooth/tang on your plate (inner/outer - tooth/lug etc)
3. Use the OD, ID, Thickness and Material sliders to further filter parts until you have identified your plate
4. Please contact us where we can quote price, availability or provide you with any other additional information you might need

4. *We are adding parts to our range on a daily basis. So if you cannot find the plate you need, please contact us with your sizes, we
4.4 probably still stock your part
4. *To select a range of sizes (i.e. 140mm-145mm) select the lowest value (i.e 140mm) hold shift on your keyboard and
4.4 select the highest (i.e. 145mm), this will select all sizes between your two numbers.
4. *To clear a filter at anytime, click the red cross at the top right of each slider.

OD = Outer Diameter - ID = Inner Diameter - IL = Inner Lugs - ISL = Inner Slots
IT = Inner Teeth - OL = Outer Lugs - OSL = Outer Slots - OT = Outer Teeth
identify industrial brake pads
Identifying Disc Brake Pads and Caliper Spares

Disc Brake Pads: Original Equipment Part Number again preferable, if this is not available please give Maximum overall dimensions of pad; Length, Height and overall Thickness including backplate.

Caliper Seal Kits and Pistons: can relate directly to corresponding Pad; if machine uses an F1103 Pad it will use an F1103S (Seal Kit) and an F1103P (Piston). Seal Kits must also be designated for use with either Mineral Oil or Brake Fluid (MO or BF) and can have designations for High Temperature (HT) or High Pressure (HP) or both (HPHT).

Click here for our range of Brake Pads...
identify industrial brake discs
Identifying Brake Discs/ Brake Rotors

Once again, Original Equipment Part Number if you have it. If not give description of shape of disc; "Top Hat", "Shrouded" or completely "Flat" etc.

Along with this detail please supply as much dimensional information as possible, including number of bolt holes, any extra machining and vehicle fitment.

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